Get Pumped Up for Google’s Ara Project

A lot of people are excited about Google’s first modular phone. It is made up of physically connected modules that users can have a password attached to it so it won’t allow anybody to just switch modules. This is Google’s first phone after previously partnering up with other companies on their phones. It is now their turn to partner up with developers like Panasonic, Samsung and Sony to create awesome stuff as modules like battery and speakers. Some companies will create surprises like telling you to see this that will definitely get some users to buy them like glucose meters. You will be able to keep track of your blood sugar with that and hopefully it will make you avoid eating sweets. For those who are out of shape, this module will definitely help them in more ways than one. It could lead them to start a new lifestyle that could be beneficiary to them and will make them change their everyday habits as well. The modules could be similar to apps but they can be connected and not downloaded. This is a phone a lot of people are looking forward to since it is a huge step up from the smart phone.


Google is also making concrete modules which will raise some eyebrows as that has never been done before. It will definitely make it a phone that will last a long time. Google has assured us that there won’t be any fake modules out there but they can’t stop developers from making that. There is bound to be a lot of people who would want to make extra cash by making fake modules but Google has said they have a team who is assigned to prevent that from happening. A lot of fashion brands want to produce modules for the phone too and it will make the phone look real girly which would make a lot of women happy. In other words, this phone is not expected to have users buying casing for it just to change the look dramatically. They can buy the┬ámodules that can already change the look but there is no word on whether or not it needs casing for protection. If it does then a lot of people are expected to get new jobs.